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June 17 2019, Monday
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About Our Company

Our company specializes on the transportation of the oversized and heavy cargoes within Europe and CIS. The cargoes we carry are various, ranging from huge building elements, fragments of bridge constructions, tractors, excavators, ship body elements to heavy industrial equipment up to 120 tons.

Our Customers are companies that work in many branches of industry, such as: automotive, metallurgical, electrical engineering, agriculture, building, and all other industries which may require shipping of special or oversized loads. For some examples of orders we have completed, please see page “Projects completed” on our web-site.

We maintains a large fleet of late model trucks, all fully equipped with GPS navigation/tracking system and combined with our strong subcontractor fleet, we are able to meet any of our clients road transport needs and realize even most atypical orders.

Our highly qualified specialists can solve questions of any complexity: inspection of the route, examination of the bridges and artificial construction, receipt and registration of all special permissions for the passage of the articulated lorries with outsized and heavy cargoes.

Our longstanding experience in the transport industry allows us to provide high-quality shipment services at competitive prices. Our services are adjusted for individual clients' needs. Together with our customers, we build partnership relations based on trust and reliability. While guaranteeing the highest quality of our transport services, as well as punctuality and reliability of deliveries, we are convinced that every new customer we acquire will soon become our permanent partner.

1, Naychnaya str., Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, 49000.

Cell phone: +38-067-627-03-02

Client executive: Denis Voronoi

e-mail: denis@nstrans.com.ua